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Vern Gagne, World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion

VernGagne | LASIKHi, I'm Vern Gange, World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion, here to tell you about
Dr. Poland and the Crosby Eye Clinic. As you might guess, I have had many eye injuries in my career as a wrestler. Dr. Poland with years of experience as a surgeon is the one to see for any eye problems. Dr. Poland performed cataract surgery on me 10 years ago and refractive surgery on my daughter 13 years ago. He is the champion in eye care. Vern Gagne (2/26/26-4/27/15).


Published in the Crosby Ironton Courier September 2008

Finally - Fall Beauty

Dear Editor:

Today I can see again. I can see the vivid, sharp, clear colors of every shade. The sky is blue again, not gray. I can not believe the transformation in the eye in which I had cataract surgery. In two weeks I will have the other one done. I can’t wait! 

Over the past years as the cataracts began to form, I noticed little difference in vision loss and none of the colors fading over time. The change is so gradual one does not realize it. I urge anyone who has cataracts not to put off this surgery. 

For me it was painless before, during and after it was completed. I was awake during the whole procedure and after I was served delicious banana nut bread and coffee by Meredith Poland as I waited for my ride home a little over an hour or so after the surgery.  

What a blessing it was when Dr. Poland moved his family and his Crosby Eye Clinic practice to our area. One does not realize how fortunate we are to have a facility such as this in our front yard. 

Fall colors are a beauty to behold and last year I won an award for a photograph of a country road in fall colors. Now looking at this same photograph I am even more amazed at how much this photograph stands out with my NEW rejuvenated eye. If you must have this surgery, please do not delay as I did. There is no way to realize the wonderful change that transpired for me.  

This year I can again look forward to seeing the gift of colors the Lord has given us. 

Virg Hofstrand
Deerwood, MN


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