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Eye Twitching

Eyelid twitching is a general manifestation of an underlying problem, which may not be related to the eyes. There are all sorts of metabolic, chemical, neurological or psychological causes of eyelid twitching.

The twitching of the eyelids is really spasmodic contractions of the eyelid muscles or fasciculation. Many times the twitching is caused by lack of or improper spectacle corrections. People in their forties who are just beginning to need reading glasses but put off getting them will often have twitching.

If you have an old or improper prescription this can cause eyestrain and the muscles will twitch. Simple overuse and fatigue of the eyes, such as hours at a computer can cause twitching.

Many younger people who work all day at the computer may benefit from reading glasses. As a side benefit you may feel less tired and be more productive. Many metabolic diseases or neurological disorders can be the underlying cause of muscle fasciculation or eyelid twitching.

Medications used to treat chronic conditions may cause an electrolyte imbalance leading to muscle spasms. Generally lid twitching is not a threat to your vision, but the underlying disease may cause a loss of vision.

A thorough eye exam should resolve this problem and put your mind at ease. To arrange an exam at the Great River Eye Clinic, call 800-952-3766.

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